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Designing your workplace fitout is important when it comes to maximising productivity, limiting downtime and creating a positive work environment for your team or customers.

Easy Fitouts specialises in commercial and shop fitouts in Melbourne, with project capability across a spectrum of industries and on every scale. We’ve had experience designing and building fitouts for retail and hospitality through to education and medical industries.

Easy offers tailored solutions according to your requirements, delivering a range of services

  • Commercial Fitouts
  • Shop fittings
  • Office Partitions
  • Maintenance
  • Defit or Strip out
  • Renovations

Easy’s service provides a 360-degree approach to delivering your project by going beyond the design and build, comprising all phases of project management and coordination to ensure a seamless and integrated experience for each of our clients.


Innovative Commercial Fitout

Easy Fitouts is an industry leader in commercial fitouts with extensive experience delivering small projects through to large, complex developments. Our services cover a range of areas from advice on developments through to strategic planning.

Our unified approach allows us to manage projects end to end. Easy Fitouts doesn’t just design and build, we also manage the entire process, from idea through to completion. Ensuring our clients are informed through out each process, scope and requirements are delivered and customer satisfaction.

Easy Fitouts experience includes projects of all sizes with a portfolio of commercial interiors across various industries. This has equipped us with the insight to match each client with a unique solution tailored to their business goals. The industries we have had experience working within include:

  • Corporateofficelayout
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality


Retail Shop Fitout

Each shop fitout is unique to other, and it is important to differentiate your space from your competitors. At Easy Fitouts, we recognise that a successful shop depends on more than just the sale of products and services. Our shop fitouts are designed to create individualised branded atmospheres and promoting exceptional customer service.

Your Brand reflected in your shop fitout
Easy Fitouts works closely with its clients to develop a thought-out approach which ensures brand and product are at the forefront of the shop fittings while allowing visitors to move through space effortlessly.

We oversee retail projects through all stages of development, providing a total service encompassing all facets of the shop fitout process:

  • Space planning
  • Design management
  • Commercial shop fitout design
  • Strip outShop
  • fitting coordination
  • Completion of the built environment
  • Our Experience

Easy Fitouts has worked with a broad range of clients to deliver experiences that transcend the norm. We believe that retail shop fittings should be aligned against brand ideology and function as an extension of your customer service.


defits, strip out or renovations

Easy Fitouts provides a quick, efficient and cost effective defit service for any shop or office. Defit, Strip out or a renovation, Easy Fitout has you covered.
With the capacity to take on any scope, project size or time frame. Our project team works closely with our clients to ensure project delivery is met to customers satisfaction.

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Easy Fitouts defit services include:

  • Property inspection, condition reporting
  • Wall, Ceiling, Floor, Fixture Removal
  • Wall, Floor, Ceiling reinstatement
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Sprinkler, Security removal and reconfiguration
  • Recycling strategies for disposable items
  • Patchwork and Painting
  • Full ‘Back to Base’ defit
  • Protection of landlord assets
  • End to End Project Management
  • 24/7 availability
  • Clean, Quiet, Fast, Safe

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